Brush Replacement Guide

Brush and Brush Mount Replacement

1.Remove the propeller and shear pin.  

2. Remove and separate the motor cap, stator, and magnets.

3. Replace the brushes and brush mounts, by removing all the two bolts holding them in, In this case the 40lb motor the wires are connected by two spade clips at the back of the brush mount. The 55lb and above motors have screw terminals at the front these will need to be removed and reattached to the new mounts.

4.Reassembly. Once the new mounts and brushes are in place insert the stator into the brush housing making sure the bearing and brushes are properly seated. At this point I highly recommend using a little grease or silicone sealant on all unions that may leak water.

5. Then slide the magnets over the stator. This is the tricky bit, the stator will want to pull up from the brushes so you need to try and keep a thumb pushing down on the stator shaft keeping it in position.